Cloud Backup Checklist for ensuring Secure and Effective Backups

Backups have become an absolute need for businesses as there are so many threats and uncertainties lurking around at all time. Any company that has mission critical data, needs to have a backup for it. However, getting ‘cloud backup’ just for the sake of it is not enough. You need to make sure that it […]

Risks associated with Unrecoverable Data Backups

In this article, we are going to talk about the risks connected with unrecoverable data backups and how Veeam instant recovery helps nullify all of those risk. Organizations of any size must be able to provide high availability and seamless digital experiences to their users, customers and partners. Backup & Recovery Is Very Important User […]

What makes On-Premises Backup So Reliable

Data is undoubtedly a vital part of an organization. It is safe to say that it is considered as an asset for an organization. Due to the criticality of their data, organizations follow necessary steps needed to make sure their data is secure and a very significant step is, deciding to back up their data. […]

Do you test your Disaster Recovery Plan before a Disaster

Disasters can strike at any time and at any place. Having a backup and disaster recovery plan not only helps greatly in securing your data and making sure it is recovered efficiently but is it also disaster proof itself? This is the question that IT managers must ask themselves and their team before actually find […]

Cost Effective Disaster Recovery via Remote Replication

Disaster recovery (DR) is an integral component of any enterprise’s data protection strategy. Businesses are well aware of the fact that downtime or outage tends to be very costly therefore Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is being adapted at an exponential rate. One of the biggest factors influencing this adaptation is the cost implication. Veeam Backup and […]

Phishing Attack Targets Admin Accounts of Office 365

For any hacker, admin accounts are a gold mine. This is because these accounts have elevated privileges and control over many users. Not to mention how much desperately the admins would need it back and the amount of money they would be willing to pay for them. A similar attack has been made on admin […]

Without Cloud Backups; Busy cold nights and ransomware attacks predicted on hospitals

Following the recent ransomware attacks on several hospitals in the state over the past year, experts predict that they will only rise and are nowhere near the end. Apart from hospitals of course, patients are the most affected here as they are unable to check in for their schedule appointments and either have to reschedule […]

Ransomware can hit anywhere, even small businesses

With a rapid increase in ransomware, organizations can fall prey to these attacks easily. Even so, small companies and businesses are overlooking this and totally underestimate the damage that it might cost them. In a recent survey report, many small businesses owners predicted if they were hit by a cyber-attack it would not cost them […]

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