Protect your Data Fabric through Veeam

Data driven organizations are building data fabrics to simplify and integrate data management across cloud and on-premise to accelerate digital transformation. A fundamental underpinning of the data fabric is data protection. Data protection can be a challenge for organizations of all sizes. The need to protect data, wherever it is in remote offices, in the […]

Data Backup and Disaster recovery plan Is A lot More Than Getting your Business Data Back

Before we go straight into what actually is a Backup and disaster recovery plan, we must take a look into why it is important. Data is one of the most prized possession of any business. It not only makes the daily operations running, but also makes the business owners to analyze how their business is […]

Managing cloud backups with smarter cloud service providers

  Managing backups in the cloud Every day we are adding gigabytes of data to our computers and smartphones. The resolution and quality of our videos and photos increased dramatically over the last couple of years. All of them saved on SSDs or even were spinning discs that are really prone to failure. The question […]

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